How do I become a seller on Authentic-Arts?

To become a seller at Authentic-Arts; go to our footer section and click on Artist Registration  link to create your account. Then you can start adding your artworks for sale. All your posted artwork will go through an approval process before it is visible online for the buyers.

I am a photographer. Can I sell my prints on Authentic Arts?

No, you cannot sell your prints on Authentic Arts.

I am an international artist. Can I list my artwork on Authentic-Arts?

Authentic-Arts welcomes artists from all over the world to display, sell, lease, and rent their artworks.

If I list my artwork on Authentic-Arts, can I sell my same artwork on my own website or by other methods?

Yes. At Authentic-Arts, we welcome talented artists and aim to give them a global visibility. We strive to work together and promote artists who join our team. The only important requirement that we ask; is that the sale price quoted by the artist should be the same on Authentic Arts and on all other sites/platforms, as well. You should also, update the availability of your artwork regularly, to avoid any confusion for the customers.

What does it cost to sell my art on Authentic-Arts?

Sellers are charged a flat commission of 30%; when any artwork is sold through It is free of cost to list and display your art on Authentic-Arts.

What type of artwork may not be listed on Authentic-Arts?

Authentic-Art’s focus is on original fine and contemporary art i.e. Paintings Prints, Drawings, and sculpture.  Items which are not allowed  to be listed are as follows :

  • Jewellery
  • Handicraft
  • Knitted Items
  • Furniture
  • Pottery
  • Quilts

In case you have more queries, we request you to send us email at with more details, our support team will get back to you with answer on your query within 3 working days.


Can buyers contact me with questions about an item?

No, buyers will not able to send you a message at any time through the Authentic-Arts system. You will only receive a message or email notification with the message from Authentic Arts support team ( email id).

In order to protect the privacy of our users, we do not provide email addresses of members who have asked questions. As a result, all messages must be answered directly by Authentic-Arts support team through our messaging system.

Do I need to insure my artwork for shipment?

Yes, Authentic-Arts requires you to insure all items you ship.

As a seller, you are responsible for the item to arrive safely and in good condition to the buyer. If the item arrives damaged or is lost in shipment and you have not insured the item, you may not receive full or any payment for your sale. We also require our artists to ensure that all orders over € 500 in value obtain a signature upon delivery.

We understand that because of the nature of artwork, some shipping carriers provide limited, or no insurance. Please ensure you are fully insuring your item with the shipping carrier or a supplemental service.

How do I edit an item?

You may edit anything about an item you have listed at any time. To edit an item simply log in to your account, click on your product /artwork and select the Edit link for the item you wish to edit.

How do I know what to charge for shipping?

To get a general sense of how much shipping items to various locations might cost; please use shipping calculators available on all shipping company websites.

How does Authentic-Arts know when my artwork has been delivered?

After shipping your work, you input the tracking number into your Authentic-Arts account.  Our system then stores the tracking number and updates the status of your despatched item. After the Artwork has been successfully delivered, and the return period elapsed, your payment is made to the PayPal account associated with your Authentic-Arts account.

What happens when I sell an item on Authentic-Arts?

Once you make a sale on Authentic-Arts, you will be notified via email and the sale will appear in the “Sales” section of your account.

Once an order is confirmed, please follow these steps:

  1. Pack your item securely.
  2. Ensure safe arrival to the buyer by packing your item(s) carefully, and thoughtfully. Make sure to include a Certificate of Authenticity (if you need additional information please message
  3. Select an approved shipping company
  4. Because many shippers have special rules when it comes to shipping artwork, Authentic-Arts requires that items be shipped through approved carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS) and local counties use following service providers:
  • Post NL/DPD – Netherlands
  • Australia Post – Australia
  • New Zealand Post – New Zealand
  • Canada Post – Canada)
  • Royal Mail & Parcelforce – United Kingdom
  1. Insure and track your item
  2. Items must be insured and also be track able so that we may verify receipt of the item by the buyer. If you do not provide tracking information, we will be unable to verify receipt of the item by the buyer and this will cause delay towards remitting your payment.
  3. We also require our artists to ensure that all orders over $500 in value obtain a signature upon delivery.

What if I go on vacation?

If you go on vacation, Please inform Authentic Arts Support team via email on your vacation period, will not display your Artwork for sale during that specific period on Authentic Art website.

All artwork listed on Authentic-Arts must be available to purchase and shipped out within 1-3 days.

What if I sell an item I have listed outside of Authentic-Arts?

If you happen to sell an item you have listed on Authentic-Arts by another means, it is mandatory that you mark the item as sold, in your inventory; as soon as possible. Else, you may run the risk of it being purchased on Authentic-Arts and leading to further confusion. Updating your Authentic-Arts listings will avoid confusions and problems in the future.

What if the buyer chooses to return the item?

All purchases on Authentic-Arts are 100% guaranteed; which means, that if a buyer is unhappy with an item for any reason, they have the right to return that item within 30 days of receiving it. Because of this, we encourage you to make sure you accurately describe the item and provide good quality photographs with all your listings. Authentic-Arts actively supports our buyers and may offer additional information or photographs of a piece they are considering before purchasing it to ensure they know exactly what they are ordering.

Should a buyer decide to return an item they purchase from you, Authentic-Arts will contact you regarding this return. The buyer will be responsible for shipping the item back to you (track able and insured).


Does Authentic-Arts manage its marketplace?

Yes, Authentic-Arts is systematically managed; by its back office team. All the artwork added on our website, is reviewed by our team and then approved for publishing. Our board members also actively seek out talented new artists.

How do artists get accepted to Authentic-Arts?

Once an artist has completed their initial profile and listed their artworks for sale, All the Artwork go through the approval process before it is listed on the web portal for same, Artist will be notified from on his/here Artwork is approved and listed.

Once approved, what am I supposed to do?

Once you are approved, we recommend that you to double check all of your listings and profile to make sure details are accurate.

You can also share your artworks listed on Authentic-Arts; on your social media, blog or website


How do I add my Artwork images/pictures?

In a listing process you are provided with the ability to add different images of the item you are listing. The “main” image should be a full, front-facing picture of your artwork. The photo should not contain any background (wall etc.), only your artwork. It will also be the default view on the item page as well as used throughout the site on pages such as search or within a member’s “favourites”. This main image should be a high quality image upto maximum of 4 MB of size. Buyers on Authentic-Arts will be able to zoom in on the image to see details, so the bigger (within our limits) the better.

If the Artwork piece is framed, the main image should NOT contain the frame. For framed pieces, however the first additional image MUST contain the frame.

You are also given the opportunity to add some additional images of your item. These can be used for a particular close-up area that you might want to show such as an area of texture or perhaps additional close-ups of the frame if it is framed. They should be used to give buyers a better sense of the details of the work.

IMPORTANT: Please note that Authentic-Arts requires (and enforces) price parity, meaning that if you list a piece at a certain price on Authentic-Arts, you are not permitted to list it for lower elsewhere.

Is my contact information made public on the Authentic-Arts site, or my Authentic-Arts Artist Profile?

In order to protect the privacy of our Artist community, your contact information is not available on the site. You will receive shipping information for your buyer when you make a sale. Posting contact information within a listing, or on an artist profile page violates the Authentic-Arts User Agreement and action will be taken to remove the listing, or the seller from the site depending on the nature of the violation.

Personal information in your artist profile, or on your “Item Detail” page (i.e. – email, phone number, PayPal address, and street address) is not displayed publicly.

Much of my work is untitled, is it OK to list items as untitled?

During the listing process you must provide a title to your artwork. We do not recommend that you list it as “Untitled”. In our experience, giving a specific title to your work of art helps our buyers understand better and increases sales. When buyers are browsing the site, they will get previews of your artwork and by providing search keyword, so it may help a buyer who otherwise might not notice your item. It may also help them remember a particular work they looked at previously and were trying to search again, at another time.

What are tags?

Tags are keywords, or terms that are assigned to a piece of information on our site (such as an image of artwork, or how you might describe your interests or styles on Authentic-Arts). Tags are chosen by a seller and help buyers find items when browsing or searching our site. Tags should be related to your work or your profile.


Can I edit my profile?

Yes. You can edit your profile at any time. In fact; we encourage you to keep it updated to make it interesting, and also to avoid confusion.

How do I get paid?

When you sell a work of art, Authentic-Arts collects payment from the buyer and holds that payment until the artwork has been confirmed as delivered and the return period has elapsed. It generally takes 45-60 days to get payment in your paypal account for your sale, this is due to 30 days of refund/return policy we have for all Artwork we sell on Authentic Arts.

All the payment will we send to your PayPal account for the sale. You will not be charged any additional PayPal fees when you receive this payment.

During your artist registration, you will be asked to supply a valid PayPal email address. This is the account we will use to deposit funds from the sale of your art.

Is my contact information made public on the Authentic-Arts site, or my Authentic-Arts Artist Profile?

In order to protect the privacy of our community, we allow contact information to be exchanged between a buyer and seller once a sale has been made. Posting contact information within a listing, or on an artist profile page violates the Authentic-Arts User Agreement and action will be taken to remove the listing, or the seller from the site depending on the nature of the violation.

Personal information in your artist profile, or on your “Item Detail” page (i.e.- e-mail, phone number, PayPal address, and street address) is not shown publicly.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Having a PayPal account is a requirement for all Authentic-Arts artists, but don’t worry, signing up for PayPal is easy and free. Any type of PayPal account is fine for receiving payments from Authentic-Arts. When you receive payments from Authentic-Arts into your PayPal account, there will be no additional fees from PayPal applied. PayPal is the only method available to be paid by Authentic-Arts. Sign up for PayPal now.

What should be included in an artist profile?

Your artist profile is the most important way to introduce yourself to the online audience/buyers. Please be as thorough as possible when filling out your profile.

Why is it important to have a good profile?

A very important part of buying something original and one-of-a-kind is knowing about the artist behind the work.

Your profile gives prospective art buyers a way to connect with you and understand a little bit about your influences, experience, and what makes you tick as an artist. Knowing this brings extended meaning to the art they buy as well as a personal connection to you, the artist. In our experience, a complete and appealing profile as well as accurate listings are the best things artists can do to increase their sales.