In this digital world; we are slowly but surely moving digital for each and every aspect of our life. On the same line aims to connect artists, artworks, art dealers, and art lovers on a single digital platform that can be accessed worldwide.

Every good artist also requires time, capital, contacts, and perseverance to collect his works, art lovers. media promotion people and audience; even to hold an exhibition to display his work, in his own town/city/country.

This is where Authentic Arts becomes essential. Any artist can open their account and display their artwork to SELL on our portal/platform. Customers; even from the other corner of the globe will be able to see, enjoy and if interested BUY a beautiful piece of artwork, online. This opens a contact window for both the artist and the art lover (customer).

Authentic Arts would be similar to opening a personal online gallery to display and sell your artwork; not only in your city or town; but, for a worldwide audience and potential customers. Each artist would have a personal online web art gallery with a unique identity; to ensure safety and avoid scams and plagiarism. Each transaction that takes place will also be in the knowledge of Authentic Arts; so that appropriate measures like secured online payment system, email/chat facility to clarify doubts, and insurance providers in the option of leasing an artwork can be taken care of; along with the transaction. Listing of Artwork on is free, we only charge our service fee for the successful sale of artwork.

At Authentic Arts, we want to make it easy for not just the professional artist but also art university students, amateur artists and people who pursue art as a hobby to be connected on a global platform. There are many talented people; they may be students, retired professionals, even top notch professionals in every field for whom art is something they can come home to as a piece of work adorning their wall which calms the mind, encourages creativity and makes them feel nostalgic in a positive way.